What Are The Factors To Remember Before Starting An Escort Service?

Escorts are the gems of the adult entertainment industry. They are beautiful creatures alluring men and women with the intention of giving them pleasure and let them forget about their worries for a while. Things have taken quite a matured turn right now. People have now developed a new concept about the escort services and […]

Criminals Are Not Bright

I was once told a funny story by a friend of mine who had, at various times, been involved in – how can I phrase this – the importation and wholesale distribution of south American pharmaceutical products. We were sat talking in the company of a lovely brunette escort girl who was working for one […]

A Stranded Man

A yacht sinks during a round the world journey and the male sailor is stranded alone on a desert island. He is there barely surviving for ten years. He saves himself from going mad by focusing on the things that he loves most and what he will do when he finally gets off the island […]


Succeeding as an escort – especially a top end high class escort – is not as easy as you would think. People who are not in the industry think that it is just a matter of having a pretty face and a hot body. Do not get me wrong – those things help. But alone […]


His hands were sweating as he walked through the halls of the large castle, each and every guard, not that there were many, saluting him as he walked. The sunlight shone through the windows, casting a gentle warmth onto his pale skin, a warmth he welcomed gladly. The armour that adorned his lean figure was […]

How to Choose the Best Escort Service Provider in Your Area

If you ask Google about the best escort services in a specific area, it will give you details of thousands of websites. The search result will astonish you, but at the same time, it will make your selection process a little bit difficult. This is because loads of information will confuse you and you may […]