Erotic Massages Prague – Make Your Stay Pleasant

If you are a tourist who is currently in the capital of the Czech Republic, you might be interested in a real erotic massages Prague offers. Have a rest from the chaos of the city and discover the variety of services provided by erotic massage studios.

What Exactly Is an Erotic Massage?

Erotic massage is the use of massage techniques by a person on erogenous zones of another person. Its purpose is to achieve arousal or orgasm. They have been used in medicine and the roots of them lie in the antique period.

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Erotic Massage Prague – Infinite Number of Techniques

Prague studios offer a big amount of kinds of sensuous massages. In most cases, it is possible to choose from the following:

Soapy Massage

A masseuse uses various techniques to loosen tight muscles, which are followed by sliding her naked body on a client. It will not surprise anyone that this experience usually finishes with a “happy ending”.


Nuru is a traditional Japanese massage providing ritual techniques. It starts with herbal bath. After that, a naked client lies down and a masseuse applies a warming and detoxifying seaweed gel on his entire body. Then she literally slides her naked body on a client.

Penis or/and Prostate Massage

There is no need to explain anything. In case of interest, there is a possibility of asking your masseuse for a lap dance or footjob.

For Couples

To experience this highly sensual sort of massage with your partner is a great choice for those who have decided to enliven their sex life. If one of the clients is interested, it is usually possible to take the initiative and massage your partner by your own hands.


Tantra massage is a unique and sophisticated ritual which works with human body, mind and soul. It has a variety of medical effects and brings deep psychological and physical relaxation that persists for a long time. To experience the real tantric massage, including its every traditional aspect, it is recommended to attend a specialized tantric studio. For more information about this amazing technique, see, for example, this article.

Brief History of Erotic Massage

Ancient Times

To find the roots of this phenomenon, we must return to the ancient Far East, where many local societies had considered sexual energy an essential power of human body. With regard to that, they let it loose during mystical practices and rituals.

Physicians and philosophers had been trying to find new matters to make erotic massages more pleasant and curative, which has given rise to the substance known as aphrodisiac.

Middle Ages

As a result of religious dogma and sexual repression, there are no proofs or mentions about the existence of erotic massages, although it is possible that they were performed behind closed doors.


Nevertheless, in the 16th century, after the Renaissance spread from Italy to the rest of Europe, they have become popular again. The new version of  humanism as an intellectual basis of Renaissance, contributed to it the most and the interest in human bodies started increasing very quickly.

In this period, erotic massages has been used for medical purposes as a treatment of female hysteria. The state in which women had to be treated by this procedure was called “suffocation of the mother” and was considered a disease.

Modern History

In modern history, of course, this is no longer practiced. Erotic massages have become a pleasure experience available to everyone, even though they still can be used as a treatment of erectile dysfunctions or premature ejaculation.

Post Author: Buckley Darrow