Feeling Naughty? Check These Amazing Sex Toys for Women

Women want more than just penetrative sex, and it’s not surprising that a number of sex toys available today are dedicated to the female gender. If you are new to sex toys or just want to experiment a bit, below are some amazing options that may serve the purpose.

  • Dildos. If you are more interested in fun with penetration, nothing beats a dildo. Long before the sophisticated toys came in the business, dildos were the only choice, and even now, a lot of women and men use them extensively for masturbation. Dildos offer the almost-same pleasure as you would expect from a penis, which is probably one of the reasons behind its popularity. You can check www.vuxensaker.se  for some designs and options.

  • Butt plugs. Well, you don’t have to anything else to enjoy a butt plug. No, these are not meant for orgasm, but can give a high. Many women have never tried using the butt plug, which is one of the many reasons why they are apprehensive about trying one. Start with something small to see if you like it.
  • Vibrators. Now, if a dildo is too plain for you, go for a vibrator that comes in all sorts of sizes and has different settings, so that you can enjoy vibrations better. Also, these are quite versatile. The larger ones can be used for clitoral stimulation and penetration at the same time, while the smaller vibrators are cute enough to be carried around. Make sure that you choose something that’s made of high-quality materials.

  • Anal Beads. Do not confuse Anal Beads with butt plugs. As the name suggests, you get beads on the product, and one must be inserted at a time. Every bead is larger than the other, so you can test you limits. This is also a great tool for women who have never tried anal sex and want to prepare for it. Anal beads are easy to use too!
  • Nipple clamps. Before you freak out, let’s start by saying that clamps are fun. These are meant to hurt your nipples, but there’s a pleasure in that – After all, what you have really learned from Fifty Shades of Gray? Don’t wear these clamps for long if you feel pain, but usually, women get used to them. Keep in mind that you are best judge of your threshold for pain!

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Post Author: Buckley Darrow