Succeeding as an escort – especially a top end high class escort – is not as easy as you would think. People who are not in the industry think that it is just a matter of having a pretty face and a hot body. Do not get me wrong – those things help. But alone they are never going to be anything like enough. There are lots of women who look cute and sexy. There are even lots of women – fewer, admittedly – who have the looks and the hot body to look great in photographs and in the bars of five star hotels and are also really good in the sack. And being great and uninhibited in bed is, lets be honest, a pretty critical skill for a sex worker. If you want to earn big as a high class escort you have to know how to please a man, woman or couple in bed.

But those three qualities – great face, great body, great shag – are nothing like enough to make you a real success. If you want to be one of the biggest earning escorts Tenerife has to offer clients, you need to put some basics together. First, make sure your photos are as perfect as possible. Selfies or some snaps done by a friend might be OK at the lower end of the market, but if you want to make the good bucks, then there is no substitute for terrific photos taken by a specialist boudoir or glamour photographer. Then you need to only work with the best agency in your chosen town. You could work with two or three once you are established, but start with one.

How you work with the agency is then crucial if you want to keep getting bookings. Answer your phone and your WhatsApp! The number of women who lose all credibility because of this is unbelievable. Be on time. All the time. Or tell people well in advance that you are running late. Communicate with the agency at the start of the booking so they know that everything is OK. The best agencies will care a lot about you and the client. Pay your fees to the agency. If you do not, or you short pay or are late, why should they trust you again in the future?

Post Author: Buckley Darrow