Increasing your Sexual Pleasure

Many times we find ourselves falling into a daily routine that quickly becomes mundane and repetitive. Sometimes days go by without us noticing anything special or remarkable about our experiences. Studies have shown that the more repetitive or routine an activity becomes, our brains begin to skip remembering specifics about the activity. For example, if a person drives the same route to and from work over an extended period of time, then many of the landmarks along the route will not be noticed by the brain. This is how we can go weeks or even months without having any remarkable reflection. Our sex lives are not immune to this phenomenon. We quickly find ourselves having less sexual pleasure when our sex lives become routine or repetitive. In this article we will examine possible ways of increasing your sexual pleasure while keeping things fresh and new.


We have evolved to prefer predictability in our daily lives, as it provides a layer of security. It has even been proven that our psychological stress levels are reduced by knowing what to expect. This is one of the reasons why most people find being spontaneous very hard to achieve, as it goes against what we have grown accustomed to. However, our sexual desires crave spontaneity. We can drastically increase our sexual pleasure by simply adding an element of excitement and freshness. The first step is to break any sexual routines you may have with your significant other. If you and your partner usually have intercourse in the bedroom, then move to another room. Even changing the time when you and your partner engage in sexual activities makes a huge difference, as our body’s biorhythms differ depending on the time of day. Being spontaneous becomes easier the more conscious you are about any routines you may already have.

Sexual Adventures

We never know what to expect whenever we set out to have an adventure. The whole point of an adventure is to get into the unknown and have new experiences. This concept also applies to our sex lives. Setting out on a sexual adventure can be exhilarating and thrilling. Having a new experience can open your perspective on your own sexuality and even your partner’s sexuality. Some couples have experimented with different adult toys or games to provide inspiration for their adventure. Using vibrators or other pleasure enhancing devices can be a great way to explore your own sexuality. Make sure to check out these strap-ons for ideas on your next adventure.

Diet and Exercise

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is crucial for keeping your sexual pleasure at its peak. Our bodies give us signs of our health through our reproductive organs. We have evolved to be at our most fertile when we are healthy, thus our sexual organs are at their best when we are healthy. Having an unhealthy lifestyle greatly reduces are our sexual appetite and even the performance of our sexual organs. Eating healthy and exercising regularly keeps our bodies in shape and ready for sexual intercourse. This not only increases our sexual appetite, but also our stamina and bodily sensations.

Our sexuality is an important part of our physical and mental health. Being sexually satisfied is becoming synonymous with leading a healthy and fulling life.

Post Author: Buckley Darrow