Things not to say when online dating

Online dating is now very popular, and most of us know that. Even if you haven’t tried it yourself, you will know people who have, and often those people will obtain a large degree of success. Meeting people on the internet isn’t the obscure thing it once was, and people trust it more know that that the dating scene has been mainstreamed. It is not just for perverts and desperate people, very normal and successful people now make use of online dating, and it is just the way society is heading towards. But just because online dating is popular doesn’t mean that it will work 100%, you will definitely need to measure your words if you want to experience success like some of your friends have. As such there are things you will want to avoid to say to other online daters if you want to stay on their good sides.

Being rude

After years of watching movies, might they be normal movies or naughty ones, a lot of us are confused about how to assert ourselves when it comes to attracting new partners. We get told that we need to project confidence and that we need to know what we want; and for some this translates as being rude and arrogant. The truth is that people online want to be respected and talked to like a decent human being, even when you are just having a dirty chat on Sex With No Strings or any other adult dating site. Being confident doesn’t mean you have to use swear words all the time to assert your masculinity, and you don’t need to be disrespectful to show you have what it takes. This whole ‘being rude’ approach was used in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, it was called ‘the game’ and it has been proven that people don’t want it. So stay positive instead and show some respect and compassion, those will bring you much further into the actual dating game.

Talking about your other partners

When you’re meeting with someone new, don’t try to compare them to your exe’s. Talking about how your previous partner was so hot and good can make your next partner feel insecure as you are not focusing on them; instead comparing them to your previous conquests. This is too dehumanizing, and people will not feel like they are being treated like the human being they are. You’re meant to spend time with them so focus on them; don’t try to guilt-trip them into doing things in bed with you. Basically, leave your other partners out of it and focus on what you have in front of you instead.

Focusing too much on yourself

Dating is an activity which takes place both ways. There are often two people in this equation, and those two people have their own needs. When you are writing your dating profile, it is easy to just write about yourself; what you want, what you need; and often you can forget to ask your potential partners what they actually want themselves. So here’s a tip: stop talking about yourself and take the time to ask people what they enjoy doing and what their needs are. The truth is that by listening more, you will only develop a better hindsight and it will in turn make you a much better lover. Sure you can still please a person by just doing what you want to do; but truly listening to them will bring you the best guidelines to follow if you truly want them to remember how much of a good time they had with you. So less: ‘me, me, me…’ and more: ‘you, you, you…’; and you will be on your way to becoming the best lover you can be!

Post Author: Buckley Darrow