What do women want?

We have all seen movies about this phenomenon, and yet women are still a mystery to a lot of men. Maybe it is because of the separation of genders and their respective upbringings, but men and women tend to act differently; and this goes beyond our physical differences. We know men like to have fun but yet we always wonder if it is the case with women. Maybe it is because of clichés that we see in the media, and as such we might not be that different after all.

Women want to have fun

Men are often seen as the ones who want to have sex all the time. What dude doesn’t want to hookup with local horny women all day long right? Well the truth is that not every man is like that. Even though our bodies give us certain biological imperatives, it doesn’t mean that we’re all about having sex with as many women as we can. That is exactly the same thing with women. Just because there is a biological imperative of having children doesn’t mean that this is at the forefront of their minds all the time. These days society is getting more liberal and women are not seen badly for just wanting to have sex. Finally, the gender gap is shrinking, but we know it will take longer until we reach true equality around the world.

Women want love

Just like men, women also want to be loved. But these days they don’t need that prince charming to come to their rescue; they are perfectly capable of looking after themselves. We don’t mean to sound condescending, we’re just saying that love is not about being submitted to someone, and instead it is a balanced relationship between two people who can both bring their weight onto the table equally. Being loved is all about knowing that you can trust that person, and that they can be there for you when you need them. But furthermore it is also about being there for them when they need you.

Women want respect

Again this is only fair, why men should be the only ones who get taken seriously? There are many important discoveries in this world that were made by women; through science, medicine and arts. Without those discoveries the world might not be the place it is today, and we need to acknowledge that not all great things come from men. Most men are now on this page, but there are still some dudes out there who really believe that women are the weaker sex. This concept is old and dated and should have been thrown in the bin a long time ago.

Women want to be heard

So this last point is important, especially for men. We need to listen when women are speaking. Sure the higher pitched sound of their voices might exasperate some men but those people really need to get over themselves. As much as we take other men seriously; we need to do the same with women. So let’s stop talking over them and listen, truly listen to what they have to say. Any man who wants to understand women more will hugely benefit from that. As they say: you have two ears and one mouth; so use them accordingly!

Post Author: Buckley Darrow