What to Do When You Get Bored In a Relationship

There’s a point in every relationship when things stop being all magical and perfect and start to get real. At that point is also very common that “routine” takes control of our lives. Suddenly we find ourselves in one boring circle that repeats itself endlessly and sometimes we just stop seeing what was so incredible about that bond. But truth is that boredom is a natural feeling but is also avoidable and with some effort, a monotonous relationship can be rescued and revived:

Wake Up Your Curiosity!

    If you start to get bored maybe you think there’s nothing more in you or in your partner to discover. But truth is that it takes more than a lifetime to know someone and if you wake up your curiosity and start asking him or asking yourself the tiniest details, soon you’ll find yourselves discovering the most amazing things about each other.


    Talking this kind of situations with our partners is probably one of the hardest things we’ll have to do, but it is completely necessary that you make your partner understand what that boredom means to you and listen if he has any sense of apathy too. In that matter is important that you meditate a lot about what specific aspect you’re bored of in order to be clear and simple to your partner and avoid arguments. Try new things like visiting your partner’s parents or stuff like that.

Have A Sensual Adventure

    It may sound as a cliché but truth is that sex is one of the most important aspects when it comes to defeating boredom or falling into it. If you think your sex life has become a routine and it doesn’t excite you anymore, it is time to have an adventure! Whether it is a night out in some motel or having sex in the car, or maybe a new toy or sexual game… Anything that could turn the flame on counts!

Seek For Help

    If you really love your partner and want to save your relationship but boredom seem unbeatable, maybe it’s time to go to a specialist for help. It is common that people are reluctant to go to this kind of therapy but truth is that couple counseling is just a guide and an outside perspective with a lot of tools for working your relationship, sometimes a fresh look is all we need to fix the problem.

Post Author: Buckley Darrow