His hands were sweating as he walked through the halls of the large castle, each and every guard, not that there were many, saluting him as he walked. The sunlight shone through the windows, casting a gentle warmth onto his pale skin, a warmth he welcomed gladly. The armour that adorned his lean figure was not heavy, nor too warm. It fitted him perfectly.

He walked past the shield of the king, giving him a smile on his way past, waving softly at the best friend as he went. Working as an escort in Marbella can prepare you for most things, but not this it seemed. His steps slowed down as he came closer and closer to the door, the large golden door that separated him from the man who now ruled the kingdom.

They had one the raging war against the darkness, against the gods and the kings of old. The king sat in there, healthy and well. He knew that, but still he feared he would wake up, and this would be nothing but a simple dream. A usage of nothing but his imagination. So he walked slower now, pushing the doors open carefully, trying to make as little noise as possible in this moment.

Entering the hall took time, as the doors were large and rather heavy. He stepped through eventually and took in a breath, closing his eyes for nothing more than a second, before his emerald green eyes came into view once more.

He took in the large room, the way it cast a shadow of him and was nothing but a memory of what it once was. He stood still for a second, looking at the walls, adorned with tales of the lore and the kings up to this day. Gold flecks littering the floor and ceiling every so often and the chairs, where the council had once sat and demanded things be done their way.

No guards beside the door, and no bodyguards stood there to greet him, no baby prince to run up to him and smile. Just, the king. And that’s when his eyes landed on the man who was now king, his friend, his brother, the man he had fought so hard to protect. He sat there, a smile on his face, and the young advisor found himself walking towards the steps, a smile now on his own face, he stopped less than a couple feet away, leaning down for a second into a bow, before lifting himself up once more. “Your majesty. “

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